In addition to your food selections, we offer flexibility in choosing different "service level" packages to match the occasion while keeping costs low. You'd be surprised how many caterers don't provide plates and utensils, which puts your entire event at risk. That's why we will always be prepared with our Standard Catering Package to be sure you have standard white plates, paper napkins, plastic forks, and knives provided for your event. For more formal events, we also have upgraded options to match the occasion such as our Premium Catering Package, which includes porcelain china dishes with metallic silver or gold accents, matching silver or gold metal cutlery, glass water goblets, and even your choice of color for your linen napkins. Whichever you choose, we have the service package to make your event special and memorable. Choose from the following options:

Standard Catering Package

Our most cost-effective option fitting for most casual events. This package includes on-site caterers to set up the tables needed for our service area with standard black linens, along with all catering equipment and serving utensils needed for dinner service. Paper plates, napkins, and plastic cutlery is also included. Most menus included a carving station where our caterers will be slicing your Entree's to order, right to the plate. Staff attire will be clean black uniforms with emboridered polos and hats.

Upgraded Standard Catering Package

Perfect for formal events that would benefit from a quick and easy cleanup. This package includes everything in our standard package but upgrades the plateware and cutlery to a premium disposable china like plastic plate and metallic plastic cutlery for your guests. Plate color options include white with a silver ring or white with a gold ring. Metallic plastic cutlery options include silver or gold.

Premium Catering Package

Our upgraded premium package features a more elegant set up for more formal events, including weddings and upscale corporate events. This package includes porcelain dishes, metal cutlery, and a glass water goblet for each guest. Additional items such as coffee cups, champagne flutes, and dessert plates available upon request. Staff attire formal upon request.


Our recipes

It's easy for a chef or caterer to prepare great food for just few guests at a wedding tasting but how can you be assured that you will have the most flavorful food on the day of your event? Will it be the same? That's really the question you should be asking your caterer. For us, it's our process. We are fanatical about refining our recipes until we get them just right. Then, we use industry leading software we developed in-house to scale our recipes with precision, down to the exact headcount, and down to the exact 1/8th teaspoon. "Cooking with your nose" or "intuition" may be good enough when you are cooking for a few people, but not when you are cooking for a large group. Don't leave your perfect day up to chance with caterers that do anything less.

Our Set up

In addition to unmatched affordability, we are known for our speed. Need to get 300 fed in less than 30 minutes? No problem. Have a large corporate event or wedding and don't want your guests to wait forever? We've got you covered. Our team spends the extra time in planning and reviewing your menu meticulously to ensure the fastest, most efficient service. There are countless chefs out there, and many are exceptional. But the difference between hiring a chef, and a trusted catering partner, is that we can execute with speed and efficiency in addition to providing flavorful dishes, every time. After all, the most exquisitely prepared dish, just isn't the same if you've had to wait an hour to get it.

Social Events

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